COVID-19 Statement – Update 31st October 2020

Current position

Following the Government announcement on 31st October medical services and appointments may still operate and be attended.  The clinic remains open for all Physiotherapy and Sports Massage appointments at this time.  We will update this information as and when new guidance is provided from Government and our Professional organisations.

During the previous lockdown Physiotherapy services were exempt from closing but many did so as a precaution and to allow time to become Covid  secure.

Physiotherapy practices now have all the required Covid 19 risk assessments, safty precautsions, infection prevention and control measures, policies and procedures in place to remain open safely.

We have robust measures in place to ensure the safty of our staff and clients.  We understand that some people will ahve concerns and we respect anyones decision if they wish to delay or postpone their treatment with us.

Our team of Physiotherapists will be on hand during this time for face to face appointments or Remote Video and Phone consultations.

How to access Physiotherapy

To access physiotherapy, patients must complete an online form and clinical triage process.  When you book your Physiotherapy appointment (by phone or online), a link or our Triage and Covid 19 Screening form will be emailed to you or sent by SMS message.  Forms must be completed before your appointment.  Your physiotherapist will review your form and use the information you give them to help you make an informed decision on how best to proceed. If it is safe and apporprite for you to attend a face to face clinic appointment, no further action is required.  However if we need further information we will call you to discuss this.

Please see our NEW arrival procedure for patients during this period here

Staying safe

We have undertaken a detailed Risk assessment process to mitigate risks related to COVID 19 as much as possible.  You can view our full risk assessment here –  Physio Clinic Risk Assessment Covid 19.5.20.

Overview of the changes and measures we’ve introduced for everyone’s safety.

  • Created the clinics own entrance and exit (separate from the main gym reception) with video intercom access door.
  • Full COVID policy and risk assessment to ensure the clinic is COVID secure and meets all regulations.
  • Reviewed all previous health, safty and hygiene policies and enhanced these where required to comply with new regulations.
  • Sourced and aquired all PPE needed to comply with PHE and Professional regulations to continue with safe treatment.
  • Undertook  a deep clean with weekly deep sanitisation of the clinic using fogging equipement
  • Installed additional hand sanitiser pumps for staff and visitors
  • Installed protective sneeze guards for our reception team and clients reassurance.
  • Improved layout to facilitate social distancing measures
  • Amended clinic capacity and appointment times to reduce client cross over and allow time for cleaning between clients.
  • Introduced measures to check all staff, visitors and clients for symptoms of COVID 19 and updated processes and procedures, including temperature checks.

These measures, whilst inconvenient are intended to improve the safety for all concerned. If you have any concerns or questions relating to any of the measures we have introduced or adopted, please do get in touch.  Thank you all for your continued support during this time.

Pete Tang