Patient Arrival Information

Dear Client,

We have been investing and working hard to ensure your safety during the Covid 19 Pandemic.  As part of that process we have introduced some new measures for how patients arrive and enter the practice.  Clients will no longer be required to enter through the gym or sign in as before.

Our new clinic entrance can be accessed from the main carpark.  Please use the video intercom when you arrive and a member of the team will let you in.

Please note the following information


  • Arrive for your appointment just before the allotted time and park up.
  • Use the video intercom to announce your arrival and enter the building.
  • Please be aware of others leaving the clinic and maintain social distancing.
  • Our main reception is located up the stairs on the Right as you enter
  • Please use the hand sanitiser when you enter.
  • If you have a face mask or covering please wear this. If you do not have a face mask one will be provided for you.
  • Your temperature will be checked on arrival.  Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid 19 or waitng for a Covid test result.
  • Please respect social distancing were possible.
  • Please do not wear gloves as you will be asked to remove these. We have hand washing facilities and sanitiser for you to use.

During your appointment

  • During your session you will be required to wear a face covering.
  • Social distancing will be maintained where possible e.g. when talking
  • You should be aware that the nature of physiotherapy assessment and treatment will require close contact and hands on engagement at times. Where possible we will keep such time limited to under 15 minutes.
  • Your therapist will wear the following PPE during your consultation – Apron, Face mask, Gloves for hands on assessment
  • Please avoid bringing unnecessary belongings to appointments such as bags.
  • You may wish to bring a small towel with you as sometimes this is helpful during your session.
  • Try to come to appointments unaccompanied. If you require a chaperone please note that they will be required to give contact details in case information needs to be available to Test and Trace services.
  • Toilet facilities are available for emergencies.


  • Payment can be made by contactless card transaction (limit now £45) or online via our webiste and Stripe payment portal.
  • Please use hand sanitiser as you exit
  • Use the Green push button to release the door magnet to exit

Measures we have put in place

  • Separate entrance from main gym to better enable social distancing
  • Additional hand sanitiser pumps for clients and staff
  • Temperature checking of all visitors
  • Enhanced cleaning policy
  • The use of PPE for all clinical staff including additional training
  • Monitoring of staff for symptoms of Covid 19 including lateral flow testing
  • Screening of all clients and visitors for risk of or symptoms of Covid 19
  • Removed all soft furnishings in clinic rooms and replaced with single use paper towel, wipeable pillowcases and covers
  • Removed all reading material from the waiting area
  • Rearranged the clinic and installed Perspex screening

Check List

  • Complete the clinic registration, triage and Face to Face Consent form
  • Make sure you have a face mask or covering suitable to wear for the session
  • Ensure you understand the new entry process and have the clinic phone number stored in your phone
  • Ensure you do not have any symptoms of Covid 19 or should not be shielding or isolating