Strength and conditioning is a structured means of exercise to improving a person’s entire fitness and or sports performance goals.

It is coach led and integrates other elements of support where appropriate such as psychology and injury prevention.

It is not designed to be weekly personal training but more a means of focusing your physical efforts without the need for you to think about what exercises are best for you. It requires a dedication to train and discipline to commit to the exercise programs but you will see results and your performance increase.

Our therapist have high standards when it comes to coaching and instructing, so you can be sure that you will have good technique and posture. This way you will train well, get the most from your body and avoid injury.

We do the planning. You do the work. You see the results.

Our service includes:

  • A detailed assessment and planning session
  • Programs designed to minimise your risk of injury
  • Tailored programs for all levels of fitness
  • Training intervals/regularity to suit your circumstances
  • Multiple workouts each month to keep you interested and to avoid training plateau’s

So if you are looking for more than just personal training and want a level of service and support you can trust –

Call 01454 85 44 66 and book a Strength and Conditioning session.

The Sports Performance Clinic – Ensuring Success

Our key to success is quality instruction and a commitment to deliver the most professional sessions possible.

To ensure performance gains, our Strength & Conditioning Coaches are rigorous in evaluating and monitoring technique and improvements. We are not just there to just count the reps and let you get away with poor technique. We analyse every element of the session, help correct your technique and modify things accordingly.

Every client is different with different objectives. Based on needs analysis and guided by technical, medical and scientific input our Strength & Conditioning coaches deliver individualised programs and support for each client – You won’t be given “off the shelf programmes”.

How is this different from personal training or a gym program set by a gym instructor?

The frequency of Personal training sessions is often weekly or less which can be costly.  Whist we can offer this type of motivational service, strength and conditioning coaching is designed to empower and educate the individual with their training.

The one to one sessions are a way of introducing new exercises and ensuring correct technique both during the session and afterwards, when unsupervised training occurs.

Your coaching doesn’t stop once the session is over.  Our service gives every S&C client multiple workouts to enable them to vary their gym sessions, making each session enjoyable and also prevent training plateaus.

Simple gym programs generally try to improve the 3 basic components of fitness: Strength, Stamina and Flexibility with mixed levels of success. However, exercise scientists now realise there is more to fitness and sports performance.  Nine components of fitness have been identified and it is the job of the Strength and Conditioning coach to integrate these elements with the individuals sport or activity, giving you the very best chance of achieving your goals effectively, efficiently and safely.

How much force a muscle can exert when contracting under load

the combination of strength and speed to produce a maximum muscular contraction in an instant

the ability to perform a series of co-ordinated movements in quick succession in multiple directions

Joint position sense and proprioception is the ability to control the body or parts of the body either statically or dynamically

the ability to move joints through a full range of motion without excessive resistance from other tissues

Local Muscle Endurance
a muscle or group of  muscle’s ability to perform work over an extended period of time

Cardiovascular Endurance
the heart and lungs ability to oxygenate muscles

Strength Endurance
a muscle’s ability to perform maximum contractions time after time

the ability to integrate all of the above components in to effective, meaningful movement