At The Physio Clinic we understand the importance of a healthy workforce, whether returning back to work after injury or keeping your workforce fit and healthy in the first instance.

Our clinical team has a wealth of experience and expertise in occupational health therapy . In 2010 we were awarded a 3 year contract to provide an onsite Physiotherapy, Sports Injury and occupational health service to a major Bristol Aircraft Manufacturer. This contract has since been extended and we now provide on site occupational health physiotherapy 4 days per week to treat staff and help maintain and healthy and productive work force.

The Clinic can offer a variety of services to meet the needs of employers trying to fulfill their health and safety responsibilities:

  • Individual treatments our main clinic.
  • Work station assessments at your place of work (by arrangement)
  • Sports massage days at your place of work
  • Contractual physiotherapy services at your place of work

If you are looking to provide enhanced benefits for your staff and to improve employee well-being, productivity and occupational health, then please contact Pete Tang on 01454 85 44 66 and arrange a meeting to see how we can help.