Improving the health and productivity of your workplace is key to a healthy growing business!

Work station assessments and Occupational Health Physiotherapy Services are the first step to achieving a healthy and productive workforce. Here at The Physio Clinic Bristol we can help you achieve this by providing a variety of services.

Individual Physiotherapy Treatments at our Main Clinic

Treatment will be at our Main Clinic at Riverside Leisure Club. Click through our services to see what we offer.

  • Assured treatment within 5 working days of referral being received at the clinic
  • High quality bespoke treatment
  • Only pay for what you use
  • The level of service can be altered through regular contract review meetings and monthly managerial reports

On-site services

We can be based at your workplace on an agreed day(s) to suit your needs.

Benefits of an on-site Occupational Health Physiotherapy services:

  • Significant reduction in sickness absence
  • Reduces the time needed for your workforce to travel to access treatment
  • More cost effective for organisations with larger sites

Workstation Assessments at your Workplaces

Keeping your staff fit and healthy whilst working at a desk is beneficial and we can provide two types of workstation assessments.

Simple workstation assessment:

  • Suitable for employees without pain or disability
  • 30 mins risk assessment conducted at an individual’s workstation
  • Report detailing any suggested modifications

Advanced workstation assessment:

  • Suitable for employees with musculoskeletal pain and symptoms
  • Clinical history taken in private room
  • Workstation assessment and task analysis
  • Seated postural analysis
  • Comprehensive report of findings with suggestions made for ergonomic solutions
  • Duration one hour+report

Some of our current and previous clients

A large Aircraft Manufacture in North Bristol

Contact secured in 2010 to present day. We offer on-site Physiotherapy, DSE and ergonomic assessments to all employees

GE Oil & Gas

Sports Massage service provided on-site for staff members. Staff members self-fund the treatments.

If you are looking to provide enhanced benefits for your staff and to improve employee well-being, productivity and occupational health, then please contact 01454 54 00 66 and arrange a meeting to see how we can help.