Our Womens Health Physiotherapy and ‘Mummy MOT’ is a specialist service to help manage problems with incontinence, pelvic pain or tears and prolapses following child birth.

  • New Mum
  • Recent gynaecological surgery
  • Always looking for the nearest loo

Our Womens Health service can help you regain control

  • Bladder incontinence or leakage is a common problem?
  • A THIRD of women aged between 35-55 years old suffer and never seek help!
  • TV and magazine adverts raise awareness of the problem, but encourage people to use pads to mask the problem instead of tackling the cause.
  • Aftercare following Hysterectomy surgery is often neglected or incomplete.

Getting to know your pelvic floor can be life changing!

The pelvic floor muscles resist any ‘intra-abdominal pressure` e.g. when we laugh, run,  jump or sneeze and it stops us from any leakage or dribble (wind or water).

If these muscles aren’t working properly, it may show as:

  • Increased frequency of going to the toilet
  • Greater urgency to pass water
  • Not getting to the loo on time
  • Needing to pop back to the loo after only 5 minutes
  • Lower back pain

Of course, if these muscles are weak, overstretched, slow to work, too tight, even torn from childbirth or after abdominal surgery (men too) these muscles need some extra attention to be re-activated.

The good news is we can easily do something about this instead of suffering daily!

With Physiotherapy and some gentle exercises this unnecessary leakage can be STOPPED.

Liz Brown

If you would like further information or a personalised treatment plan to this problem, please call Liz Brown at the Physio Clinic Bristol.

Call 01454 54 00 66 for a confidential chat.