• Can’t Run Due To Pain?

  • Want To Run Faster?

  • Want To Run Further?


Reoccurring pain, heavy legs, struggling to improve your pace or build mileage.  These are things we hear a lot of runners complain about. The good news is there are solutions for all of these issues and more with a running assessment and retraining at The Physio Clinic Bristol.

  • Learning the correct technique will result in a more efficient running style and a lowered risk of injury, making running even more enjoyable!
  • No matter how young or old, or the level of your running experience, the team at The Physio Clinic Bristol can help you improve.
  • So, if you want to learn more about your running technique and how you get more enjoyment from running, come and have your running assessed with us at The Physio Clinic!

What type of runner are you? 

Watch the video to find out!

What is The Running Clinic?

The Running Clinic is a running assessment and retraining service.  We have been helping runners of all abilities evolve and improve their running form using specific cues, exercises and advice to make lasting changes.

A Basic Running assessment takes approximately 40-60 minutes and is made up of 2 parts – a body assessment and a video analysis of your running.  It’s perfect if you are:

  • Able to run regularly
  • Have minor aches, pain or niggles
  • Have already had an injury assessment or treatment
  • Want to make running more enjoyable

The Complete Running Clinic Assessment is a longer 80′ session.  It includes a detailed injury assessment and diagnosis, digital capture for you to keep, retraining on the day and prescription exercises.  It’s perfect if you are

  • Wanting a full assessment, diagnosis and treatment on the same  day
  • Struggling with pain but can run for a limited time
  • Like to know more about running mechanics and training

Follow up retraining sessions are between 30-45 minutes and involve running and exercise drills.  These sessions help reinforce key messages and build on movement habits to improve running form, strength and performance.

Part 1 – Video Analysis:

This will involve us taking some short video clips of you running on a treadmill to assess your technique. Unlike trainer shops, we assess the whole of your running action from head to toe, not just your feet.  We then review your running style analysing any issues and create a plan to help you achieve your running goals.

Part 2 – Functional Movement Analysis:

The Functional Movement Analysis is a series of 10 movements that allow us to identify any faults or weaknesses that could be preventing you from getting the most out of your running. Because these movements are all related to the running action they are a great way for us to pick up on any compensations or dysfunctions you may have. We give you a benchmark score out of 100 so we can retest this and monitor your improvements.

By giving you specific exercises and drills through our retraining program we are able to help you improve your movement and reduce compensations or bad habits.

The Complete Running assessment is a longer assessment (80 minutes) and led by a Chartered Physiotherapist.  If you are looking for a solution to a running related problem this is the place to start.

  • Detailed history of your problem and goals
  • Physical assessment of joints, muscles, ligaments and imbalances to give you a diagnosis
  • Movement assessment and specific running tests
  • Video analysis of running
  • Digital capture for you to keep
  • Fault identification and retaining on the day, including cues and methods to start making changes right away
  • Exercise prescription and running drills

Following your running assessment (basic or complete) we will have identified what type of runner you are, areas to improve on and how we can help.  Furthermore, we will provided you with some immediate advice on how to start making changes and improvements.

To make quicker and lasting changes to running form we recommened a series of retraining sessions usually 1-2 weeks apart.  These sessions include:

  • Further video analysis
  • Running retraining on a treadmill
  • Running drills
  • Movement retraining exercises
  • Strengthening exercises and homework!

Changing and improving running form doesn’t happen over night, its an evolution.  Remember no one ever teaches us how to run we just gradually learn to do it.  Above all, running is like any other skill, it can be improved and further our enjoyment.

The Complete Running Solution – (Physio assessment, video and movement analysis, digital capture & exercises and more…) – £99

Basic Running Assessment – (Video and movement Analysis only) – £60

Running Retraining – one off sessions – £46

Running Retraining Package (6 retraining sessions. Can include basic running assessment as one session) £240

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