• Can’t Run Due To Pain?

  • Want To Run Faster?

  • Struggling To Run Further?


Reoccurring pain, struggling to improve your pace or build mileage are things we hear a lot of runners complain about BUT we know that there are solutions for all of these issues and more.

Learning the correct technique will result in a more efficient running style and a lowered risk of injury, making running even more enjoyable!

No matter how young or old, or the level of your running experience, the team at The Physio Clinic Bristol can help you improve.

So, if you want to learn more about your running technique and how you get more enjoyment from running, come and have your running assessed with us at The Physio Clinic!

What type of runner are you? 

Watch the video to find out!

Running Assessment (60 mins) £50.00 

What Does The Running Clinic Offer?

Bio-mechanical Analysis

Your bio-mechanical analysis will be approximately 60 minutes and be made up of two parts:

Functional Movement Analysis:

The Functional Movement Analysis is a series of 10 exercises that allow us to identify any faults or weaknesses that could be preventing you from getting the most out of your running. These exercises are all related to running and are a great way for us to pick up on any compensations or dysfunctions in your movement. We give you a benchmark score out of 100 so we can retest this and monitor your improvements.

Video Running Analysis:

This will involve us taking some video clips of you running on a treadmill to assess your technique. We then review your running style analysing any issues and create a plan to help you achieve your running goals.

The Running Clinic Fee’s

Running Assessment (60 mins)     £50.00

Running Assessment & Retaining  £210.00

  • 1 x Running Assessment (60 mins)
  • 5 x Running Retraining Sessions (45 mins)