What is Reformer Pilates?

Joseph Pilates began designing exercises with the use of springs on hospital beds to rehabilitate injured service personnel in the second world war. He then went on to develop ‘Pilates’ further with dancers in America.  It is now a practice that is used world wide.

The Reformer is a dynamic piece of equipment designed to challenge your Pilates practice and is much more closely linked to the origins of Pilates.  It combines many of the well know matwork exercises and encorporates the use of resistance springs and pullies to enhance your practice.

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Who is Reformer Pilates for?

Reformer Pilates has something to offer everyone, regardless of age, levels of ability or fitness.   From beginners to elite athletes, if you’re looking to improve your strength, posture, fitness or simply want to use a dynamic and challening piece of equipment you will not find in the local gym; then the Reformer is for you.

Antenatal Reformer Pilates

Our 1:1 sessions focus on your personal requirements at each stage of your pregnancy, be it combating back pain, working to maintain baseline strength, or purely for your overall fitness and welbeing.  Sessions include Matwork and/or Reformer Pilates, depending on your specific requirements.