General Testimonials

If you are like us, you might be skeptical of reviews written on websites. To read over 100 reviews from genuine clients, please see our Google reviews.

However, here are some that have been emailed in to us in the past.

Excellent: Today I had my first session with The Physio Clinic. Their professional manner put me at ease straight away and it was clear from the outset that I was in the hands of an experienced practitioner. My injury felt better straight after the session and the advice/ exercises that Pete Tang gave me were clearly explained and are achievable in my own home. I am confident that Pete will aid me in a swift recovery and help me to become more aware of my posture and establish an exercise plan to strengthen my body for water sports activities.

L Dawe

Had some treatment here recently after experiencing severe shoulder pain. After only a few sessions the pain gradually disappeared. Delighted!

Michael Edmonds

Having had two ACL operations and numerous sports related injuries over the years the team at The Physio Clinic have helped me to continue playing football. They are really friendly guys who clearly know their stuff. The Physio Clinic comes highly recommended. Thanks for your help.

Spencer Wilson

Having seen two doctors that incorrectly diagnosed my knee complaint, Pete Tang hit the nail on the head in about 15 minutes… a meniscal cartilage tear – this was confirmed about an hour later by an MRI scan and knee specialist at the hospital. This man definitely knows his stuff and I would not hesitate to use him again even though my news was not great. His manner and expertise were very professional.

Scott Hammond

Matt Williams has written me a Strength and Conditioning program which is customized towards my sport (Triathlon)…Every Session brings something new to the table which I haven’t seen before and leaves my legs feeling very empty (thanks I think)… After a month of these sessions I feel much stronger at swim biking and running. Matt is also very approachable and willing to help to explain things again if you didn’t get it the first time or just forgotten about the exercise. Highly recommend him to anyone wanting some sound advice about strength, conditioning and sports massage.

Ash Brookes

I came to see Matt Williams with a whiplash injury to my back. I was in a lot of pain and quite depressed at the time so wasn’t too keen to move around much. However, Matt was so motivational and encouraging he managed to get me doing the exercises and I enjoyed my sessions. Thanks to him I managed to get back to full fitness, something I never imagined would happen at the time.

Rosie Fernee

I have been treated at The Physio Clinic and I would recommend them to anyone. Pete treated me post-knee surgery and helped me to get back into the gym whilst building my confidence and ability back to my usual gym routine pre-surgery. He used a number of different techniques and really understood the different pains I was experiencing. Matt has been treating my back with sports massage for nearly a year now which has significantly improved the lower back pain I was encountering. He has also used taping treatment on my shoulder which has helped to support and improve pain there. Highly recommend!

Abby Chapman

Sports Massage Testimonials

This was the first time visiting a sports massage, needed due to an injury to my calf. After just 1 session the improvements made have been incredible, and I am already booking more sessions in immediately. Matt Williams, who looked after me, was very friendly and extremely Knowledgeable and welcomed questions that I had about any subject. Overall it was a pleasant experience which satisfied my requirements, and some more on top!

Matt Lansdown

Having embarked on a marathon training program, I’ve been increasing my mileage pretty steadily over recent weeks. Eventually I was in desperate need of a decent sports massage. There are so many out there but read some good reviews about the Physio Clinic and their prices were competitive so I thought I’d give them a go. I was able to book an appointment with Matt Williams at a time that suited me, great that there are early evening/after work slots. Great initial appointment; Matt is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about his work. Massage (ow!!) did the trick too. I’ll definitely be back throughout my training in order to get me across that finish line!

Steph Duncan

I have used The Physio Clinic as part of my preparation for my first marathon which I completed recently. I initially saw Pete Tang, the physiotherapist, as I had a twinge in my shins at the start of my training program (I have experienced shin splints in the past). After diagnostics of my problem he gave me some exercises to do at home to prevent further issues. I managed to complete my training injury free thanks to his advice and I believe regular sports massage from Matt Williams. After completing a few long runs (16 miles plus) I was really starting to feel it in my legs so that my legs felt heavy at the beginning of a run never mind the end, so I decided to get a sports massage. In the first session Matt asked me about my training and where I was feeling fatigue and the first massage really, really hurt! (It hurt less after the first one and Matt was good at distracting me so it wasn’t completely unbearable). I have to say I noticed the difference on my next run. I continued with the massage up until the marathon and for recovery afterwards. I firmly believe that the services I received at The Physio Clinic really helped me make my first marathon experience injury free and a enjoyable experience. I would unreservedly recommend.

Amy Seymour

I’ve been going to Matt Williams at The Physio Clinic for regular sports massage treatments since I moved to Bristol in May 2011. I teach group fitness classes part time and am due to run my first marathon in late Sept 2011. I am really pleased with all the treatments that I’ve had from Matt – He doesn’t mess about and gets straight into investigating any niggles I may have. I have recommended Matt to others and will continue to do so as I believe that my body is all the better from his massage treatments. Thanks Matt, I’ll bring my broken body in after my marathon for you to fix!

Liz Moffatt

Matt Williams was recommended by a University of Bristol gym instructor, who suggested sports massage would really help my hip flexibility since I struggled to get into certain exercise positions. After the initial consultation, I underwent 5 times treatment which not only hugely improved my flexibility around hips, but also it helped me a great deal in the process of training for Bristol half-marathon. Following each treatment, Matt gave me a set of exercises, which he often efficiently provides a follow up explanation whenever I was not sure about the technique. He is very friendly and professional, which means his easy-going and friendly communication makes the somewhat ‘painful’, however, necessary massage sessions enjoyable.”

Yang Lu