No therapist at your club? Come and see one of ours. 

Have you taken a knock playing a team sport? Want some advice about a joint sprain or injury? Looking to progress your rehabilitation before returning to play?  Continue reading to see if a Sports Therapy appointment is right for you.


Why see a Sports Therapist?

Concerned about a niggle or looking for support with physical maintenance? Our therapists can help.

  • Sustained a knocks, niggle or sprain?
  • Still able to train but in pain and looking for help?
  • Looking for support and advice with return to play
  • Looking for a therapist with sport specific injury experience
  • Need injury specific rehab
  • Wanting acute sports injury advice, taping and treatment

Our Sports Therapists have experience and special interests in a wide range of sports, allowing them to understand both the common mechanisms of injury as well as what is needed for you to return to your sport and perform at your best.

What is Sports Therapy?

Sports therapy is a degree level qualification, where therapists specialise in musculoskeletal sports injuries.  Sports therapists are able to advise on injury prevention, and support rehabilitation from acute sporting injuries through to end stage return to play, using a range of physical techniques and therapies such as taping, massage and exercise prescription.

Sports Therapists…

  • Advise on sports specific stretching and warm up routines
  • Are trained in sports massage for wellbeing, physical maintenance, and injury management
  • Are trained in the application of strapping and taping, for acute injuries as well as rehabilitation support
  • Assess and treat acute, minor injuries such as joint sprains and muscular bruising
  • Support with return to play assessments and training programmes following an injury
  • Perform pre-season injury screening assessments

Who should see a Sports Therapist?

If you take part in a group or individual sport and have sustained a knock or sprain, are looking increase your rehabilitation prior to return to sport, or purely want support to reduce your injury risk during your training, then Sports Therapy is for you.

Knock Assessment

Play sport? Taken a knock this weekend or at training that you’ve needed to ice? No therapist at your sports club or event to assess you at the time? Considering going to minor injuries? Our Sports Therapists can help

  • Bruising and swelling
  • Joint sprains
  • Concerned an ankle sprain might be a fracture

Book into our ‘Knocks Assessment’ for an assessment and advice – call 01454 540066 for same day appointments

Meet our Sports Therapists


Outside of the clinic, Katie provides post-event massage & first aid pitch-side support. She is a keen sportsperson, proudly representing Weston Netball’s 1st team, & is assistant coach for Weston’s U16 netballers. Click here to learn more about Katie


In addition to team sports such as rugby, football and hockey, Rhys enjoys working with extreme sports athletes, particularly snowboarding, skiing, surfing, wakeboarding and skateboarding. Rhys also holds a special interest in martial arts such as boxing and taekwondo, as well as other individual sports such as swimming, weight / Olympic lifting and tennis. Click here to learn more about Rhys

Service options and prices

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