One of the clinic’s main specialities is the rehabilitation of patients following orthopaedic surgery.

Our Service for Rehabilitation

  • Specialist Physiotherapists with extensive knowledge of surgical procedures and rehabilitation protocols
  • A fully equipped gym and rehabilitation facility at Riverside Leisure Club
  • Specialists in late stage rehabilitation and return to sport drills
  • Close links with Orthopaedic consultants

Common Orthopaedic Surgical Procedures

  • Knee Arthroscopy – including Menisctomy, Chondroplasty, micro fracture
  • Shoulder arthroscopy – Subacromial decompressions, shoulder stabilisations
  • Ankle – Lateral ligament repairs, Achilles tendon repairs, ankle arthroscopy
  • Lumbar spine – microdiscetomy, lumbar fusions
  • Total knee and Hip replacement
  • Ligament reconstructions ACL
  • Following surgical repair of fractures

Even the simplest of keyhole surgical procedures is still quite a trauma to the human body and should be followed up with a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

Sadly people are not always referred for Physiotherapy routinely, with the unrealistic expectation they will get better on their own.

If you have had orthopaedic surgery and…

  • Haven’t been referred for physiotherapy
  • Are not satisfied with the current service or treatment you are receiving or
  • Simply are unsure about what to do following an operation

Call 01454 85 44 66 and talk to one of our Therapists