Cycling can take you to some beautiful places. Often a relaxing way to get some non impact exercise, exploring quiet country lanes, or if you are lucky enough to cycle abroad, some stunning mountain climbs or perhaps exotic beach fronts.

You don’t need to cycle hundreds of kilometers though. Even if you are just using you bike for the daily commute, being stronger will allow you to limit the risk of injury, improve your bike handling skills, and make the whole experience easier and therefore more enjoyable.

What does cycling involve?

There are of course many aspects to cycling, but below are some key points

  • Shoulder stability (to aid balance and bike control)
  • Core strength, especially into the lower back
  • Glute strength
  • Hamstring strength (as the pedal draws backwad along the bottom of the pedal stroke)
  • Quad strength (as you push down through the pedal)

All these working in harmony aid balance, efficiency and limit the chance of injury.

What exercises would be good?

There are many exercises that form basic strength patterns such as squats, lunges, leg press, hamstring curls and planks.  However, mixing up exercises to involve your core while moving your legs can really create a good bang for your buck when time pressed.

The TRX suspension straps can be a brilliant place to start, and can be used for mountain climbs, planks, pikes, standing row, bridging and so, so much more.

Not sure which might be best for you? Want a bit of support for reaching your cycling goals?

Our team of Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists can help. Why not book an appointment so we can help you identify what would be best for you, work with you to improve your areas of weakness and create a programme to suit your personal performance needs.

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