Pete’s post op rehab – week 2+

It’s now 2+ weeks following my meniscal repair surgery and time for an update.

Things have gone really well so far. After an initial period of partial weight bearing with crutches I’m now able to fully load my leg but not while bending it more than 90 degrees. I’ve had minimal pain or swelling to speak of for the last week and have managed to walk the dog a few times for up to an hour.

Rehab wise it’s been going well. Today’s rehab included 25 minutes on the cross trainer (my first cardio for weeks and much needed) followed by 3 circuits of

  • Weighted step ups x15
  • Bridges on a box (protecting 90 deg knee bend) x20
  • TRX assisted squats x15
  • Split squats x 15 each leg
  • Mini squats x 20
  • Footwork drill 20s each leg
  • Single leg balance.

Pleased with how it’s progressing but need to be careful not to over do things.

Sports Massage during Lockdown 2

As of 4th November the Sports Massage Association have published guidance relating to sports and deep tissue massage services provided by their members. Massage services can continue to operate with the following provisions:

That the service operates from a clinical setting.

The service is delivered by a level 4 or 5 therapist or Degree level therapist.

The treatment is clinically justifiable.

Triage and screening of clients occurs prior to any appointment and that PPE and all cleaning and infection control provisions are in place.

I am pleased to report the clinic can meet all these requirements and both Dan and Liz Guest are able to continue to treat patients during this lockdown.

Physiotherapy treatments, including hands on therapy remain open and available to all our clients as we are governed and regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council.

Covid 19 update 31st October 2020

31st October update. The clinic will remain open as usual at this time. Medical services and appointments remain unaffected by the latest national lockdown. People with Physiotherapy appointments booked can still attend. We are seeking further clarification on Sports Therapy and Massage services after Thursday 5th November.

We know many of you will have concerns and we understand and will respect people’s choice if they wish to continue with their course of treatment or not at this time.

The clinic has robust infection prevention and control measures in place including strict cleaning between every patient, mandatory wearing of PPE by therapists, temperature checking and Covid screening. Should you have any questions or concerns and wish to discuss anything please get in touch.

May I take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their patience and support during this pandemic. Pete Tang.