Time for accountability

It has been over 4 months now since my knee injury, and although I am still experiencing some discomfort, it is time to look forward to next year with excitement and ambition.

I have several multisport races in mind for 2022, which I plan to tackle successfully with consistency of training. However, I know that on my own I will either become too competitive and push my training too quickly, too hard (yep read here…more injuries!) or get scared on route that I am not good enough to do well in these events, so the consistency in training will drop off (yep same again…you guessed it…more injuries!)


So how am I going to keep my training consistent and goal driven…? Accountability.

You know yourself better than anyone else. In your heart you know what works for you and what doesn’t. For me, without external people to hold myself accountable too, things slip. I just hate the thought of letting someone down.  I know it shouldn’t matter what they think, but to me if I don’t complete that stretch session or get up at 5:30am for a triathlon club swim (after all, the coach has been bothered to get there on time), then I have let that person down. Accountability.

“Book a massage every 6 weeks. Prevention is better than cure”

  • Book a Sports Massage

Training and competing tests your body. A vital part of maintaining muscles and movement function is through regular massage. So don’t wait until you have a giggle, start with booking a massage every 6 weeks. A massage therapist will also be able to identify areas of potential tension before you are aware of them, so you can tackle a potential problem early.  After all, prevention is better than cure. With the appointment booked in advance, you will make sure you attend it.

  • Run retraining

The use of video analysis and professionally prescribed running drills, especially when returning from injury, is such a helpful tool.  From the initial video assessment, I was able to tailor my strength work to ensure I was completing exercises personal to me, my running style, and my injury.

Book your run analysis here

  • Pilates

Fantastic for both rehabilitation and future injury prevention, Pilates creates a vital base from which my training can build. After all, if the important stabilising muscles are not working at 100% then the larger compound movements are not going to be able to perform as optimally as they could.

  • Sports Conditioning

Hand in hand with Pilates, if there is anything I have learned during these past few months is that to remain injury-free, you absolutely must do your strength work. Having a programme designed for you that is both specific to you, your areas of weakness and the demands of your sport will set you in good stead. Again, by booking these sessions in advance, then the Sports Conditioning Coach can monitor your progress and adapt these sessions as your body improves.