Are Sports and Deep Tissue Massage the same, and just for physical problems?

You would be forgiven for thinking that Sports Massage is “just for athletes” or “something you have when training for a race”.   This specific form of Deep Tissue Massage generally focuses on a certain body part, for example, the lower back and hamstrings, that work in coordination during certain sports.  Sports Massage can also be utilised in a more boarder sense, in the form of a Deep Tissue Massage, working through the body as a whole, to provide a huge boost to your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Use massage for a positive step in your overall wellbeing. There are so many more benefits to Sports and Deep Tissue Massage than just muscular function

There are many benefits to Deep Tissue and Sports Massage beyond just the physical…

  • Decrease in anxiety and stress – massage increases the production of “feel-good hormones” such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.  There are also strong connections to the reduction of cortisol levels, heart rate, and blood pressure, all factors typically associated with stress and increased anxiety.
  • Increase quality and quantity of sleep – research has shown that a reduction in cortisol levels and promoting relaxation, is linked to falling asleep faster and getting a better quality of sleep. Massage also helps to reduce pain and tension, which can help to improve sleep quality and promote better sleep due to increased comfort.
  • A good way to unwind and switch off – even just a 30-minute massage gives you half an hour to yourself, of relaxation and time away from work or other life pressures. Providing your body some true TLC and a positive reboot for your mental health.
  • Reduce fatigue – massage helps to reduce fatigue by promoting physical recovery from exercise. This links closely to an overall reduction in psychological fatigue, helping to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Pain relief and improved posture – physical pain often negatively affects a person’s quality of life. As massage helps to reduce tension, and aches and pains created during working and everyday demands of life, posture also beings to improve, allowing you to move more freely and feel more comfortable.
  • Relief from tension headaches – tension related headaches are often caused by a buildup of tightness in the upper traps (one of the muscles between your neck and shoulders).  Headaches of this kind are tiring and a source of mental stress. Massage can help to reduce the tension in muscles, reducing the frequency and severity of headaches.
  • General health and wellbeing – massage helps to reduce the risk of injuries, improve mind-to-muscle connection, whilst also speeding up the ability to recover and repair. Massage also helps to increase joint range of movement and decrease the pressure on joints. All these benefits allow you to feel better as a whole.
  • Immune Function – some research suggests massage, through the activation of the lymphatic system, can help to boost the body’s immune system, strengthening the level of the body’s natural defense.