Physiotec is a web and app-based programme that delivers a huge database of exercises in both picture and video format.  Your therapist can select exercises to prescribe a personalised and tailor-made programme to support your rehabilitation and help you achieve your personal health and performance goals.

Key features…

  • Easy access both online or via the Physiotec app
  • Link to your individual programme texted or emailed directly to you
  • Step by step written instructions of exercises
  • Videos and pictures of the exercises
  • Timer for exercises
  • Pain score log for monitoring improvements
  • Record and log your exercises to keep track of progress

Your therapist will design your personalised exercise programme to complete at home, complimenting your in clinic treatment.

Exercises can be printed in clinic, but many of our clients benefit from the additional features available when accessing their programme from the Physiotec app. A link will be emailed or text to you for quick and easy access to your programme on the go.

Timer function

Your therapist may advise you to complete your exercises for a set period of time. The timer function allows you to monitor and record the length of time of each exercise.

Record your pain levels

Pain is tiring and it is easy to feel despondent if you have been experiencing pain for a prolonged period. Recording your pain levels allows you and your therapist to track your pain levels, providing you with visual feedback of improvement.

Record and log your exercises

Keep track of how many times you have completed the exercises, how long it took, pain rating and execution.

Not only does this help to maintain and improve engagement with your program, but it also allows your therapist to monitor the last time the programme was viewed, how you are progressing, and crucially, where any alterations need to be made.

For further details about Physiotec or help with any questions regarding your personalised programme, contact us to speak to your therapist or our admin team.