Pad/Tablet User?

Recently I am seeing more neck, thoracic and arm pain related to the use of tablets/iPads etc. Patients need to be more aware of the position and posture they adopt when using phones and tablets as unlike desk tops they are not designed to be used for extended periods.   Pete Tang BSc MSCP Chartered […]

Tri Events Sponsorship

Tri Event Sponsorship We are pleased to be working with The Tri Shop and are offering the prizes at the following events:   30.06.13 Portishead Tri 28.07.13 Westonbirt Tri 25.08.13 Westonbrit Tri   The prizes are: 1st Place Man & Woman- Performance Matrix Screen & Programme worth £95.00 2nd Place Man & Woman- Specialist Dietitian/Sports […]

Performance Matrix: Should you be screened?

The Performance Matrix Clinic Poster We are the only clinic in the South West to offer Performance Matrix Screening & re-training. The Performance Matrix is the most accurate and powerful screening system available for individuals and athletes wanting to improve movement efficiency, optimise musculoskeletal health, reduce injury risk and enhance performance. Such is our passion […]

TRX Training Now Available

Here is an offer that we will be running from now until the 31st of May 2013.   TRX MASTER CLASS– make sure that you are using the TRX or any other Suspended Training Aid the right way & getting the most out of your session.   This can be done 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 at […]

Sports Massage- do you know the benefit?

Sports Massage We now have both male & female therapist offering Sports Massage here at the clinic as well as a new Saturday clinic, from 10am (alternate weekends) Do you know the benefits of regular Sports Massage? If you did, would you not be looking after your body more. Make sure it gets the treatment […]

Rock Tape

For all the guys & girls that we have used tape on. If you liked it & found it helped- get down to the Tri Shop & stock up.    


Did you know… By the time that we get thirsty we’re already 1-2% dehydrated, meaning that our body has lost 1-2kg of fluids. Fluid levels are vital when training so try this- Weigh yourself before your training session, keep a record of what your drink during the session. The total amount that you have sweated […]

10% OFF @ Runners Need Bristol

Runners Need have teamed up with The Physio Clinic to offer clients at 10% Discount on any items brought in store. Runners Need are situated inside Snow & Rock at Filton Roundabout. This offer is available to new & existing clients. Simply come into the clinic and ask a member of staff for your […]

The Physio Clinic Bristol Facebook Page

We now have our Facebook page up and running. Please follow the link and join us there.

Static Stretching or Dynamic Stretching

Did you know….. That static stretching can compromise muscle performance pre game or event and that reseach has indicated that static streaching can have potential decrements in force production, power performance, running speed, reaction time and strength endurance. If you’d like to know more about the best ways to increase your performance or training session […]