23rd Jan 2018 Power outage

ALERT Please note that there is a power outage affecting the clinic, leisure club and surrounding area.  Power should be restored by 1:00 pm. During this time our phone systems will be out of action.  If you need to contact us please do so by email as we can still access this remotely.  Sorry for […]

Physio- Pete Tang

10 Years On, Going Strong and Why I’m Sorry!!

  I first opened the door of The Physio Clinic in May 2007.  Just me. It was a big decision.  I say ‘just me’ but I had the support of family and friends and most importantly, Tracy, my wife.  I’d been working very successfully as a private physiotherapist for several years for BUPA hospitals, The […]

Beach image

My road to becoming a runner – Pete Tang

So, at the end of August in 2016 after a particularly energetic day at the beach the whole family walked the half mile back from the beach, up the sand dunes and the short hill to the cottage we were renting.  It’s safe to say that my son and I were clearly out of puff […]

Massage of lower leg

Optimising Mobility for Runners

The aim of optimising mobility for runners is so you can run freely, easily and without pain. The role of a Sports Massage Therapist is to help runners down this road (excuse the pun!), by treating the area of pain with soft tissue massage, and to help increase mobility in restricted joints through manual manipulation […]

Physio jargon……high and low threshold training!

At the Physio Clinic Bristol, we are experts in assessing and treating movement dysfunctions, weather you have come in following a specific injury or you are committing to the TPM Active, Performance Matrix process.  We will provide a detailed analysis and retraining of your movement system. Two terms come up a lot during the rehabilitation […]

Too Heat or Not To Heat?

Too heat or not to heat? Some questions answered on the dilemma on whether to apply heat or cold to an injury.   This is a question that I come across a lot here at The Physio Clinic so I thought that researching and writing down a few guidelines might help in the dilemma, hot […]

Dry Needling. Don’t live with the pain of work!

Man on racing bicycle

Triathlon Coaching – Running Off The Bike

Anyone who has ever competed in (or trained for) a triathlon or duathlon knows the horrendous feeling of heaviness in the quads and the jelly legs as you leave the bike rack and enter the run. Your free-flowing running gait, which was the hallmark of your style when you ran fresh, becomes nothing more than […]

Shadow of man thinking

Recording Your Mindset

If you’re like most athletes, I’d guess you’re keen to experience regular improvement in your endurance, speed and enjoyment of training. So I was wondering…do you keep a training log? It’s a widely accepted fact that keeping an ongoing summary of your workouts can shine valuable light on recurring themes and patterns that are either […]

Skeleton image

The Performance Matrix – You clean your teeth but do you do retraining?

Look after your body like you look after your teeth.   Most of us regularly visit the dentist for a check up.  We take advice on oral hygiene and even have a scale and polish.  We then try to maintain things with regular brushing, flossing and use of mouth wash and then revisit the dentist […]