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When is a Runner NOT a Runner? by Pete Tang

When is a runner not a runner?…. When they are injured! Which has been a lot for me this year!   2019 hasn’t been a great year for me injury wise and its taught me a few lessons in keeping motivated or not! The year started so well with plans of running another marathon in […]

New to running – listen to your body, not the apps. (Couch to 5k loading explained)

Couch to 5k is a great way to start out running or even to get back into running after some time off. It is a program that is designed to get you from doing no running at all to being able to complete a 5km run within approximately 9 weeks. This is done with a […]

Fracture Recovery

Many people do not realise how much of an affect a simple break can have on their ability to do daily tasks. They also commonly underestimate the amount of time it will take to return to full health. An injury that has to be immobilised, such as a broken bone, is likely to experience secondary […]

The low down on using crutches

People get given crutches for a number of different reasons. Depending on what you need them for can determine how to use them correctly. It is also important to realise that crutches are hard work and will cause more damage than good if used unnecessarily or incorrectly. However, if you have been advised to use […]

Having the surgery is the easy bit- Rehab makes the surgery as success, why choose us?

Having surgery and taking the necessary time out afterwards to look after yourself and recover is relatively simple and common sense. For many musculoskeletal surgeries however, people often underestimate the level of commitment required to do the rehab in order to ensure their surgery is a success. The initial trauma from the injury, the time […]

What to expect when you have surgery

Going in for surgery that is not in an emergency situation is called Elective Surgery. This is pretty much any surgery that you are on a waiting list for. In physiotherapy we commonly see people before elective musculoskeletal surgery for pain management and to ensure they are as strong as possible, this makes the recovery […]

The difference between Static & Dynamic Stretching. What to do and when

Everyone gets told that they should be stretching to keep their muscles healthy and prevent overuse injuries, but it is not always clear how you should be stretching or when it is best to do. The two main types of stretching you need to be aware of are static stretching and dynamic stretching. Static stretching […]

The Foam Roller and other useful self-help gadgets – what’s what

Foam Roller – it’s all in the name really, it is a cylinder of dense foam that you roll around on to massage out any muscle tightness. You place the roller on the floor and the offending body part with the tight muscle on top of the roller, then using your body weight to apply […]

3 things to take with you on a ski holiday

The best things to take on holiday are small and light and easy to pack. Here are some ideas of things to take on a ski holiday with you that will aid your recovery and keep you more comfortable. Spikey ball / tennis ball – using a ball for self-massage is an age old trick […]