What are plyometrics & why should you include them in your run training?

What are plyometrics? Plyometrics are a form of training that often require fast lengthening of a muscle before a contraction to perform a movement. They often involve jumping, bounding and hopping in various different activities.  Hopscotch is the perfect example of this form of exercise used during our early years. This form of exercise is regularly […]

Can I run when pregnant?

Can I run if I’m pregnant? Yes! If you ran regularly before pregnancy. Physical activity of 150 minutes moderate intensity over a minimum of 3 days per week is encouraged! Examples of moderate intensity activities could be swimming, water aerobics, biking, dancing, hiking, brisk walking.  It doesn’t have to be running! So what does the […]

Pete’s post op rehab – week 2+

It’s now 2+ weeks following my meniscal repair surgery and time for an update. Things have gone really well so far. After an initial period of partial weight bearing with crutches I’m now able to fully load my leg but not while bending it more than 90 degrees. I’ve had minimal pain or swelling to […]

Hysterectomy – What you need to know

Pete’s knee blog Nov 20 – The Background

Despite what people think even us physios get injured and suffer with aches and pains. I’ve had my share over the years and typically it’s ‘Physio heal thy self’. That’s usually the case. Our knowledge and expertise certainly help but we also need the hands on assessment and treatment from colleagues too. A big thank […]

Pete’s knee operation Blog – 24 hours post op.

Well as I’m recovering from my surgery I thought I may as well blog a bit about it for anyone interested enough or for anyone about to have a similar operation. I’ve written a separate blog here about the knee issues I’ve had in the run up to surgery. So 24 hours after surgery. This […]

Sports Massage during Lockdown 2

As of 4th November the Sports Massage Association have published guidance relating to sports and deep tissue massage services provided by their members. Massage services can continue to operate with the following provisions: That the service operates from a clinical setting. The service is delivered by a level 4 or 5 therapist or Degree level […]

Covid 19 update 31st October 2020

31st October update. The clinic will remain open as usual at this time. Medical services and appointments remain unaffected by the latest national lockdown. People with Physiotherapy appointments booked can still attend. We are seeking further clarification on Sports Therapy and Massage services after Thursday 5th November. We know many of you will have concerns […]

Getting in to Running Part 3